Warm Up for Machine Quilting

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my websites in the last couple of weeks (maybe you could tell!), which means I’ve been doing less quilting. 😦 Well, the website stuff is fun too, but… Anyway, the point is that since I’ve been doing less machine quilting, I find it’s even more important to warm up Continue reading Warm Up for Machine Quilting


Get the Right Table and Chair!

I have a new table to quilt on, finally. It came yesterday, and my DH helped me build it last night. It’s great, because I can adjust it to EXACTLY the right height, which for me is about 65cm high. The table I had before was about 72cm high, which is just not right. I could never get my chair high enough to be comfortable for machine quilting, Continue reading Get the Right Table and Chair!