Two words for you: Bell boy!

Kimberly and I made it to Des Moines without major mishaps, and we’re really enjoying the trip! Northwest Airlines is pretty wonderful; we both agreed we’d choose it over Delta any day of the week. Better everything, and way cheaper, at least this time around.

In the Detroit airport during our short layover, we saw this little guy:

Boy with DS at airport

So adorable, sitting on the floor by the power outlet powering up the Nintendo DS! (I cropped this heavily since this is not my kid) He was quite content to wait as long as necessary for the flight to board.

After nine or so hours between Frankfurt and Detroit, a short layover and another hour or so flight to Des Moines, Kimberly and I were pretty loopy. We hit the ground in Des Moines, collected the bags (and more bags) and headed for the rental car. There we were, trying to drag all our bags out to the rental car lot (and don’t think either of us travel light, either), and Kimberly says, “I’ve got two words for you: Bell Boy!” I thought I might fall over from laughing so hard!

The car we got was this strange light metallic green. I didn’t think they made cars that color anymore! As we’re loading the bags, the man that was in line behind us at the rental car desk was picking up his car in the lot, and offered to trade us for his bumblebee of a car as he put it, a shocking yellow SUV of some kind. I told him we’d take him up on it, and to be careful what he wished for!

And as a testament to how many brain cells are really still operational after a trans Atlantic flight, neither of us remembered that Bellboy isn’t two words until we were in the car on the way to the hotel! But we were perfectly happy to make use of the Bellboys at the hotel, no matter how many words it is! 🙂


Patchwork Times: Is that smoke I smell?

I think my hair is on fire. I feel like I’m running around in circles, and I think I smell smoke, so that must be my hair. I looked at my blog today, just like I’ve done for the past two or three days when I’ve meant to post something, and thought “Where did the time go since I last posted?” I’ve been wildly busy, but not with anything necessarily “shareable” in the quilting department at the moment. I’m striving to finish a huge project before I catch the flight to Des Moines next Monday for the AQS show, which has meant long hours that turn into long days at the computer, mostly.

Paisley Pavane

My quilt, Paisley Pavane, did get accepted into the Des Moines show, and it’s arrived at the AQS offices safely and on time! I’m really looking forward to the show, and the vendors mall (and having a quilt in the show while I’m there will be completely awesome!). And I can’t wait for an entire day at the big mall in Des Moines with Von Maur and Younkers. I’m sorely in need of some Stateside shopping for clothes and the like, and some American style restaurants. Kimberly and I are of the same mind on these things (as on a lot of other things), and plan to shop and eat our fill in the short time we have on the ground.

I’m signed up to take two classes at the show, but I’m now having second (and maybe third and fourth) thoughts about both of them. Too late to cancel out and get a refund, unfortunately. I’m taking a class called Come PLAY with Me! with Dianne S. Hire, who I like immensely already and I’ve not even met her. Her supply list was written in such a fun, “I’m right here talking with you” voice, that I just know she’ll be a completely lovely person. The class looks like it will be some fun, outside the box cutting and sewing techniques, but I have to gather mass amounts of fabric, as well as rulers, rotary cutter, thread, etc., and lug it all to Des Moines in my suitcase. What was I thinking?

Not only that, the class is all day, and right over the top of the awards ceremony for the show. How dumb is that to schedule the awards ceremony in the afternoon when there are classes going on? With a quilt in the show, I don’t want to miss the ceremony; my quilt probably won’t win a ribbon, but sure as I’m not there it might, and that wouldn’t be any fun at all. 😦

I’ve also signed up for Quilts of a Different Color with Irena Bluhm, which will probably be okay, but I bought the book in anticipation of the class, and to be honest, there were about two tidbits of info in the book that I needed to know about the technique, and the rest of the book was “just okay.” I’m not sure how much more I’ll really get out of three hours with the author in person but there it is. At least this class comes with a complete kit and I don’t have to carry anything special with me.

So, before I can even leave for the airport, I have to plan and pull fabric for that class, shop for last minute stuff probably, look for new music (a must when I travel), shop for some trashy Regency romances (another traveling must-have), do all the regular “before packing” stuff (where’s my passport?!?), get the laptop ready to go with all the programs I need to handle any crises that may come up involving web programming, make ITMan’s “appointment calendar” and “meal calendar” so that he can be both Mom and Dad while I’m gone, make my own Stateside shopping lists, and actually pack the suitcases. And none of that can get done until the super big project gets done, and that gets worked on in and around all the regular “stuff” like all the Taxi Mom duties, etc.

Hopefully I’ll have some hair left when I get on the plane, though if not, then I guess I won’t have to carry all the hair care products and the straightener, which actually might be a blessing. 😉 What I’m saying is that it’s probably going to be pretty quiet around the blog this week, but I do plan to update from the show, with pics! Note to self: pack the camera…