Patchwork Times–Birthdays, Un-Decorating and Finishes

Since the New Year’s holiday, I’ve been trying to find my motivation. It seems to have gone on walkabout without me. I know this is what happens when I “take a break” from major projects, which is exactly why I don’t do it to often. I find it really difficult to get into the grove again, even after just a day or two of being away from work, whatever the “work” is at that moment. So I can’t say that I’ve been terribly constructive in the past week and a half, partly due to that absent motivation, but also partly due to normal “stuff,” like:

A birthday

LittleOne’s 12th Birthday celebration, and

Patches and XMAS

The Christmas take-down, despite the cats “helping”.

Finished quilt!

I did, however, finish up the last few quilts for The Book, and I mailed them to AQS yesterday.

WooHoo! Now that the manuscript is really finished, I can move on to some other related tasks: creating classes and workshops, programming the website that goes with the book, and programming my online shop so it can open by mid-May. Whew! Stage 2, comin’ up! Motivation, please come home…


Black and White and Read…

I’m truly not doing much these last couple of days except watching the packers stuff all of our things into boxes, and wishing that it was over and I was back to quilting in my new studio. IOW, nothing much quilting related to discuss, unless you count dreams, and I’m so tired and preoccupied that I don’t remember those anyway. I did work on these Inchies on my birthday though, just like I wanted to do.

In my head, these are the “Music Inchies” because the fabric has instruments and music notes on it, but I suppose they’ve now become just black and white after cutting them up, with a little red, grey and slate blue in the mix. The Inchies here are half of three sets of twelve, one for each of my musical girls, and one for myself. I probably won’t finish up the other 18 Inchies in these sets until after the move at this point.

The packers have packed nearly all of three of the four floors in the house, so all there is for us to do is climb over boxes, surf on the Internet, or read. We’re surrounded by cardboard. They’re coming back tomorrow for another go, to pack up the kitchen and finish in the basement room where most of my quilting stuff is, along with the computers and such. Not that I’m letting them pack my computer; that goes in my car thank you very much.

So mostly what I’ve been doing is reading books. Lots of books. And trying to keep the cats from being too stressed out, but Patches is having a calicivirus outbreak anyway. Calicivirus in cats is very like herpes and cold sores in humans; when there’s too much stress, the immune system weakens and sores appear. He has sores in his mouth now, but so far they don’t appear to be affecting him too much or causing him so much pain that he can’t eat.

So, I’m off to read and think about quilting even though I can’t do it right now!

An Inchies Birthday Party

I’m still here, and I’ve been reading all your posts about your quilting adventures, just not having any of my own. It’s hard to think about anything really seriously except the interminable nightmare that is moving. It’s “keep your eye on the ball” time, but that dang ball is still so small I can hardly see it! Good thing it’s neon yellow and flashing…just a sec, let me get the binoculars…oh, wait, is that a detour sign? Yeah, that’s how it is around here at the moment!

I’d like to just move maybe one more time in my entire life. Do you suppose that’s even possible? One more move from hell to get back to the States, and then never move again. Right now, I’m totally envious of those people who just stay in the same place their entire lives. It probably won’t happen, since ITMan’s career isn’t like that, but hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Anyway, it is almost over, and today’s the last time I have to go to the Stuttgart Commissary for food, thank heavens. Today is also the last birthday I’ll celebrate have in this house. For anyone who’s keeping track, I’m 41. There isn’t much celebrating going on here, but I may just have to insist on a sit down later to watch a movie and work on some Inchies and call it my birthday party! I stitched the edging on a bunch before I packed the Bernina away, and the beading stuff is easy to find and portable. I doubt there will be singing, but there might be some chocolate, and definitely a Cosmopolitan!

Hope you’re all quilting, and do write more so I have something to read during my short sit down moments between moving tasks!