Don’t be afraid of the blue washout marker!

Have you been told by your quilting friends never to use that blue washout marker? Or worse, tried it on your quilt, and then couldn’t get the marks out?? I was gulled into that trap by the bad publicity these markers were getting some years back, too. Now the blue marker is one of my favorite marking tools, and here’s why: Continue reading “Don’t be afraid of the blue washout marker!”

Get the Right Table and Chair!

I have a new table to quilt on, finally. It came yesterday, and my DH helped me build it last night. It’s great, because I can adjust it to EXACTLY the right height, which for me is about 65cm high. The table I had before was about 72cm high, which is just not right. I could never get my chair high enough to be comfortable for machine quilting, Continue reading “Get the Right Table and Chair!”