An Inchie…Quiltling

Here’s the “drive by, just popping in” sneaky peek of a little something I’ve been playing with:

The background is 2½” x 3½”, the same size as an Artist Trading Card—not large enough to be called a quilt, so it’s officially an Inchie Quiltling. There may be more coming…we’ll see…


Flannel Design Wall Tutorial

I’m still “moving in” and getting settled in my new sewing area (as well as the rest of the house, if the truth is told), and of course, I want a design wall of some sort. Looking back on my design wall solutions in the past, I don’t really want to repeat either of them. The Portable Design Wall was an utter failure for me when I bought it, and still doesn’t get used for the same reasons (and I can’t bring myself to put it up on ebay to try to fob it off on someone else since it’s just that bad).

There is not a lot of room or empty wall space, but there is one wall that will do (ignoring the electrical socket and pass through right in the middle of it that I would never use anyway): Continue reading Flannel Design Wall Tutorial

Patchwork Tree and Half-Rectangle Triangles

Here’s a little peek at a new quilt I’m designing: Mmmmm, green. If I had to choose a favorite color, it would have to be green. I love, love, LOVE greens! And I had such fun just pulling these few fabrics together, some from my stash, some from the quilt shop, and some I ordered online.

I wanted to have a tree as the center piece of the quilt, and the tree block that I liked the best had half-rectangle triangles, which caused me some issues. I was thinking that you could just make them the same way that half-square triangles are made, by cutting the rectangles, drawing a diagonal line across the middle and sewing ¼” to each side of the drawn line then cutting apart. Continue reading Patchwork Tree and Half-Rectangle Triangles

Embellishments are a girl’s best friends

I’m crazy busy at the moment getting ready for Quilt Market and the AQS Quilt Expo, but I did promise quilting content before the weekend is out, and I am loving this current project, so I couldn’t wait to share it! I wanted to make another sample for the Embellishment Dimension workshop, and this time I wanted to do something totally different than the other samples I’ll take with me. I found this luscious batik at the Army craft shop in Heidelberg, and it was just begging for embellishments! It was, I heard it!

I listened to this fabric speaking to me for a couple of weeks before I finally had some time to play. Here’s texture piece number one: Continue reading Embellishments are a girl’s best friends

Bloggers Quilt Festival–My Favorite Quilt

I’ve decided that Paisley Pavane is my favorite quilt, if I’m just thinking about the design. I made this quilt for the New Quilts from an Old Favorite contest a few years ago, and I enjoyed every minute of the making. Every part of the quilt was a leftover from other (failed) projects, and it’s just so fun that it all came together so well. I used my embroidery machine seriously for the first time, and developed some really cool techniques to solve various issues along the way that I still use today. Continue reading Bloggers Quilt Festival–My Favorite Quilt