Studio News: YLI #100 Silk Thread Collection

Mmmmm….YLI #100 Silk Thread, the finest silk thread on the market. Have you used silk thread in your quilting or fabric art? It’s just incredible stuff, with an unsurpassed sheen all its own. I started using YLI silk thread years ago, at about the same time Diane Gaudynski and YLI teamed up to offer this gorgeous thread in larger put ups for machine quilting. It’s just fabulous for machine quilting since it’s perfect for intricate design motifs as well as tiny stipples or other background designs, adding texture and subtle color without making your quilt look “thready.” Continue reading “Studio News: YLI #100 Silk Thread Collection”

Studio News: InchieSee InchieDo Update and Hot Ribbon Art Sale

So there’s good news and not-so-good news from the DWQ Studio. First the not-so-good, so we can just get it out of the way and move on, at least temporarily: the infamous InchieSee & InchieDo Viewer Tool & Ruler Set is still not available, because the original manufacturer still hasn’t gotten it together to produce a quality product that I can sell. I did receive another set of samples that are greatly improved, but it’s still not perfect, and I won’t accept anything less. Continue reading “Studio News: InchieSee InchieDo Update and Hot Ribbon Art Sale”

DWQ Studio: Beta Testers Invited

DreamWeaver's Quilts Studio'

The DreamWeaver’s Quilts Studio online shop is ready for beta testing! I have a few testers lined up (if you’ve already sent me an email, I’ll be sending you a link and some information later today), and there’s room for a few more.

Please contact me or leave a comment here if you are interested in being the first to visit the DWQ Studio, seeing the new products, and testing the shopping cart functionality. We’ll call this a “soft Grand Opening”, with the official Grand Opening scheduled for Sunday, June 7! I’ll have a special gift for up to ten DWQ Studio friends who help me beta test the online shop this week, between today and June 6. Will you be a tester?

Edited June 6, 2009: The beta testing is now over, and the DreamWeaver’s Quilts Studio is live and open for business (yes, one day early)! Visit the DWQ Studio now!

Inchies: The Inside Story

I know, I said there would be something of substance here by the end of the weekend, and now you’re thinking I lied. I suppose I did, technically. But here’s the excuse:

Patches's tail on the keyboard

You see, it’s hard to get anything done with Fat Boy in my lap all the time. He’s just so big, and I have to move back from the keyboard so he’ll have space, and then it’s hard to type, not to mention having his tail right on the keyboard. What? You don’t believe he’s there all the time? Dangit. Well, it was worth the try anyway. 🙂

So what did happen that prevented that “substance” from appearing here? Life, and those “finishing touches” to the DreamWeaver’s Quilts Studio online shop that I mentioned before. I’ve been ordering stock, setting up accounts, planning promotions, and making sure everything will be ready to go on schedule.

So what types of products will be available at the DWQ Studio anyway? You’ll find many of the products that I use to make Inchies, some of which I’ve had a hard time finding myself. Two of the most notable items are Continue reading “Inchies: The Inside Story”

Where Have I Been?

Here’s the picture on the webcam (if I had one, which I don’t, so you get the verbal):

I’ve been immersed, buried, snowed under, whatever you want to call it, putting the finishing touches on the DreamWeaver’s Quilts Studio online shop. Yes, I think I remember saying something like “finishing touches” last week sometime (or maybe I just thought it to myself in my rather overly optimistic moments), but here I am this week, and it’s almost the end of this week, and I’m still working on those pesky finishing touches, and have been all day, every day since then. The sheer number and variety of little things that must be fixed, tested, fixed again, nudged, massaged, tweaked, tested again, decided, found, purchased, and fixed one more time and then tested some more is staggering to the point of being completely paralyzing sometimes. I’m afraid to even really say “It’s almost there,” (even sorta quiet-like) because I know I’ll probably spend at least another whole day or six making it ready before I can actually say “It’s done.”

I’ve been sick as a dog (where the heck did that saying come from anyway? I mean, it works for me, since I don’t like dogs anyway—they’re fine if they belong to someone else and they get bonus points if they’re cute, fluffy, drool-less, or fit in a purse, and see their friend the groomer for a regular gig—but really, “sick as a dog” is just strange). Continue reading “Where Have I Been?”

Shopping Carts and Inchie Sprinkles

DWQ StudioNo, I’m not dead, and I didn’t fall off the planet! Since I finished the quilt, I’ve been busy, busy, busy designing the shopping cart for the DWQ Studio, and trying to figure out all of the “stuff” that goes along with that. I’m hoping for a grand opening around the end of May, but heck, at this point any opening will do, even a not-so-grand one!

At the moment, the DreamWeaver’s Quilts Studio online store looks like it belongs to the website (see the logo above right), but I still have to make the programming work with the warehousing and fulfillment program on the one side, and Quickbooks Pro on the other side. Not to mention finish entering products and getting everything set up so that it actually takes payments and ships out the orders. Thank goodness I’m not really responsible for the “programming” (as in the HTML or ASP or whatever it is that makes it work back there), just the configurations to make the programming do what needs to be done. Whew! Continue reading “Shopping Carts and Inchie Sprinkles”