Patchwork Tree and Half-Rectangle Triangles

Here’s a little peek at a new quilt I’m designing: Mmmmm, green. If I had to choose a favorite color, it would have to be green. I love, love, LOVE greens! And I had such fun just pulling these few fabrics together, some from my stash, some from the quilt shop, and some I ordered online.

I wanted to have a tree as the center piece of the quilt, and the tree block that I liked the best had half-rectangle triangles, which caused me some issues. I was thinking that you could just make them the same way that half-square triangles are made, by cutting the rectangles, drawing a diagonal line across the middle and sewing ¼” to each side of the drawn line then cutting apart. Continue reading Patchwork Tree and Half-Rectangle Triangles


Embellishments are a girl’s best friends

I’m crazy busy at the moment getting ready for Quilt Market and the AQS Quilt Expo, but I did promise quilting content before the weekend is out, and I am loving this current project, so I couldn’t wait to share it! I wanted to make another sample for the Embellishment Dimension workshop, and this time I wanted to do something totally different than the other samples I’ll take with me. I found this luscious batik at the Army craft shop in Heidelberg, and it was just begging for embellishments! It was, I heard it!

I listened to this fabric speaking to me for a couple of weeks before I finally had some time to play. Here’s texture piece number one: Continue reading Embellishments are a girl’s best friends

Luscious Linen

I received a package yesterday from the lovely Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics. I’d ordered some linen last week for a small embellishment project I’m working on. I wanted the linen for the border of this small quilt since it has such nice texture and the color was so perfect.

I was a dressmaker before I was a quilter, so I’ve worked with linen before, but it’s probably been about 20 years since then. And of course, I was sewing clothing with a pattern that was pinned to the linen and cut out, not trying to rotary cut straight strips for a border. This was interesting. The linen kept moving in unanticipated directions at inopportune moments, and generally being a bit odd to work with. My mom would say it’s a PITA; Dad would call it “squirrely.” Continue reading Luscious Linen

Quilt Backing Tutorial

After Kathy’s great and precise tutorial at Pink Chalk Studio, this one probably seems a bit slap-dash, but hey, there’s always more than one way to go about it! If I had a set of those ginormous cutting mats in my studio, I might be a bit more precise and exacting when I cut my backings. I work with a 24″ x 36″ mat however—while it isn’t exactly tiny, you can’t cut huge backing-sized pieces of fabric on it. I did think about getting those mats and adding another giant cutting table to the studio, but at the moment, I’m more in love with the floor space than I would be with more furniture in the room. 🙂

So here’s Nadine’s quick and dirty, rip-it-up backing tutorial: Continue reading Quilt Backing Tutorial

Crafty Sewing

Alexander Henry Thunderflower fabricLittleOne’s favorite color (at the moment) is blue and she loves anime, so when the lovely Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics got this Alexander Henry print in stock, I knew we had to order some. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what exactly to do with the two yards that came in the mail, since LittleOne isn’t all that hip on quilting yet (and to be honest, may never be), so a quilt wasn’t top on the list. I even considered just mounting the fabric on stretcher bars and using it as wall art at one point, because it was just so cool the way it was, but we eventually decided to make a pillowcase for her bed.

We combined the anime print with Gradations #72, a pastel colored ombréd print from Caryl Bryer Fallert for Benartex, and used a little bit of Superior Threads Rainbows variegated polyester thread for top stitching.


Continue reading Crafty Sewing

12 Ways to Recognize Bias in Your Fabric

  1. When you’ve oh, so carefully sewn two pieces of the exact same size together, yet one of them overhangs the other by yards at the bottom of the seam.
  2. When you’re trying to cut a simple thing like 1½” strips, and every time you move the ruler, the fabric twitches like it’s alive and you’re straight edge is just gone.
  3. When you’ve spent an hour tracing the template and fussy cutting the perfect piece for the center of the block, and as soon as you pick it up off the cutting mat, the bottom drops out and the edge wobbles like a drunken sailor on deck in a storm.
  4. When the edges of the quilt top have waves that could challenge Waikiki beach for the best surfing.
  5. When the borders look like they were sewn on with a ruffler attachment, but you don’t own one, and you’re not even sure what one looks like.
  6. When you take a quilt out of the washer to find that the beautiful red batik has bled, but the extra color has only attached itself to one other fabric in the quilt. Too bad it’s the background fabric…
  7. When you were so 120% positive you had more of that beautiful border print that you tore apart your entire studio looking for it, only to find 4 extra yards of it stashed carefully away just as you finish adding a completely different and much more difficult border treatment to the quilt.
  8. When you’ve spent eight hours searching for it online and waited weeks for it to arrive in the mail from some strange little shop in Timbuktu, the same fabric that made your best quilting buddy’s project just sing makes your quilt look like it has the stomach flu.
  9. When…

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