Auf Wiedersehen to Germany

Yep, we’re finally saying it. The packers are here, and though it will shortly be in boxes, my studio now looks like this:

Studio--moving out

Yes, I know, this doesn’t look much different from the last time I checked in with all of you readers oh, so many months ago (if any of you are still here after months of radio silence). But you’ll just have to trust me that it did look different in the interim because I did organize and arrange my studio so that I could use it, though it was never really “home.” How could it be, when it was a sardine can compared to what I had before? Sure, there was a very small bit of quilting going on in the last few months, but my heart wasn’t in it for various reasons. One of the biggest reasons was that I had a hard time finding anything when I needed it, and I’d get irritated when creativity stopped because I couldn’t find whatever it was I needed at the time, and I’d turn the lights off and head down the stairs to do something else. There’s only so much organization you can do in a sardine can with low slanted ceilings…

Anyway, enough about the past few months and onward to the exciting part! We are finally moving back to the United States! Honestly, it’s well past the time that we should have been headed for the next chapter of our lives. ITMan has a new job in Augusta, Georgia, and we’ll be there in less than a month. Things happen fast when they finally happen, especially when the Army is involved. Continue reading “Auf Wiedersehen to Germany”

Easy Come, Easy Go

We are somewhat settled in The Estates (must think of a better name for this abode at some point, but for now, this works!), or as settled as we can realistically be when it’s only two weeks after moving day. There have been lots of changes, mostly for the better, and then some of the changes that I planned for got changed, so life is still a bit upside down.

The new house is truly a gem. We’re a bit hesitant to be very enthusiastic about it all just yet considering that we thought Matchstick Manor was pretty great when we moved in there and it was only after living there for a month or so that its faults, some minor and some not, started to become apparent and it went steadily down the smelly drain from there. It’s hard not to be happy with the new place though since it’s got so many nice extras and it’s built so well, so we just keep adding “so far” to all of our glowing compliments about it. I think we’re subconsciously waiting to discover some awful flaw that will tarnish our shiny new find.

The differences between this house and the last one are both amazing and huge. This is the kind of house we should have been living in all these years, but we couldn’t find one that we could afford to rent. I could go on for a few posts about it all, but the thing that’s uppermost in my mind today is the awesome separate studio I was supposed to have in the small house. Yep, you read that correctly: supposed to have. My shiny new studio has morphed into a much smaller attic type room in the main house that currently is so full of boxes that it’s going to be difficult to unpack and get organized. Easy come, easy go. Continue reading “Easy Come, Easy Go”