Absenteeism and Admissions

I’m just popping in to say hey, and sorry for my absenteeism. Actually, “absenteeism” isn’t really a very accurate term either. “Totally and inexcusably lazy slacker” when it comes to anything I should be doing would be more to the point to be completely honest. I’ve had a sickness since, oh, along about Christmas Eve or so. I don’t want to eat or sleep, I haven’t read blogs (since long before that actually), haven’t posted anything myself, my email inbox is crowded with over 100 emails (it’s been down under 30-40 for months up until now), I haven’t done anything remotely related to quilting and think only of XP, gold, spells and quests. I have managed to feed my family the requisite Christmas goodies and meals at least, but other than these two huge must-dos, I have been completely out of touch with reality as it has been for the last few years. Continue reading “Absenteeism and Admissions”