Dear Reader: How do you take your blogs?

What I mean is, how do you read me? Do you come here every day, every three days, or once a week to check if there’s something new? Do you only read in a feed reader, and never come here for real, unless you feel compelled to comment? Did you stop by once in the beginning, never to return except via RSS feed? Or do you use the RSS feed to tell you when there’s new content, and then visit the site to take it all in right here?

See, I take my blogs up close and personal. I’ve always visited the site directly to read the latest. After my feed reader told me there was something new, I would click through and read the post and see the pictures in their native environment, as the author intended them to be seen. I like looking at blogs with nice layouts and links to pictures and other blogs (though I did stop visiting a couple of blogs regularly that blared music at me as soon as the page loaded, sorry). I don’t even think reading the whole post in my old reader was an option anyway, or if it was I never knew it, and visit the blogs I did.

Then I switched from my old reader to Google Reader, and now I see that I don’t have to go to the site to read what’s there, I can just read it all and see the pictures in the feed reader. This works for most sites, but not for all. Even so, I do still visit the actual sites for most of the blogs I read, because I like to see the original stuff, and the comments, which you don’t see in the reader, at least not in mine. That’s part of the whole blogging thing is the interaction and conversation that happens across the miles, and the sense that you’re visiting with someone in their “home” on the Web.

If there’s other content, like tutorials or photo galleries that are not in the blog chronology, if you never visit the site, you’ll never know it’s even there. If the author publishes a new post, but then goes back and edits it, if you read the post in a feedreader, you may be seeing the original version of the post, and not the edited version. (I’m a huge after-posting editor; three seconds after I click “publish” I always have to make corrections or add some afterthought, and this can sometimes go on for a quarter-hour.) If the author changes a picture, you might not see the new one, because the feed that your feedreader originally pulled has the old information in it.

These are just some thoughts running around in my head. So let’s discuss. How do you take your blogs??