Quilt Retreat Weekend coming up

At the Black Forest Quilters Guild meeting last Friday, I managed to squeeze in to the annual Fall Quilt Retreat scheduled for this coming weekend. I haven’t been on a quilt retreat with the guild for many years, though I remember the very first retreat well. Nine members, including myself, went to a tiny little farmhouse bed and breakfast, and we were crammed into the breakfast room with all our machines and the irons and whatnot. The electrical maneuverings were rather interesting, but a good time was had by all.

I think this retreat will be somewhat different though, as I understand there will be 30 members from our guild attending, and 30 members from a German guild in the area as well. With any luck the room is a bit bigger! 😉 I’m going to spend as much of today and tomorrow as possible gathering projects and supplies to keep busy for two days (and maybe nights!) of non-stop quilting. Not that finding projects is a problem around here, really! I think I’ll take two quilts that are marked for quilting and basted for machine quilting, so that I don’t have to lug the iron and the rotary cutter and mat and all since I won’t be piecing anything. Maybe I can even get one of those UFO’s nearly done!

We’re supposed to take a quilt for show and tell with the German guild, and I haven’t decided which one to take yet. Suggestions?

A return to former times

I visited the Black Forest Quilters Guild once again last evening. I’ve been away from the guild for a number of years, since about the time I passed the presidency on to Liz probably. I think I was a little burnt out on it all after three years on the board, and then life just got busier and busier for me and Friday nights ceased to be quilt nights, even just once a month for a meeting. In the last couple of years, I’ve stopped in here and there, but I hope to make it a more regular entry on my calendar going forward.

It was really wonderful to see all the ladies I’ve not seen in many years, and do some catching up. Show and Tell is usually the highlight for me, and last night was no exception. One member shared three antique quilts from her great grandmother that were made around 1900! It was so special. I nearly cried at the beauty of these quilts, especially the Double Wedding Ring, and it was just so lovely that she shared these pieces of her heritage with all of us.

I’ve only ever seen one other antique quilt that I really loved (and I couldn’t afford to buy it), and maybe it’s the lack of familial connection with the quiltmaker that turns me off to antique quilts a bit. A quilt just seems to mean so much more when it’s a part of your own heritage and you feel a connection to the maker through shared blood. I’m sure that there are many other antique quilts out there that are beautiful and that anyone would be proud to own, and as quilters and textile artists we are all connected in a way, but those lucky quilters who have quilts made by their ancestors are the ones I envy just a bit.