A virtual tour of the new house

There will be actual quilting content on this blog before the weekend is out (promise!), but I did also promise pictures of the new house! I took my camera on Wednesday when the girls and I went to see the house, but of course I forgot to actually use it! The lovely lady that lives in the house now was kind enough to send bunches of pictures so now I have some to look at and share and can dream about the house until we move. We’ll begin the tour at the front gate, shown above.

This is the original brick front of the house that was retained through the renovation. I think from looking at the other pictures of the renovation process that the roof was raised by a foot or so which makes the top floor a bit easier to use for actual living space. Over the top of the gate you can see the roof of the cottage. The three windows at the bottom are in the kitchen and dining area, and the three above are in the front bedroom that’s on the second floor. Continue reading A virtual tour of the new house