A Touch o’ the Irish–Quilting, that is!

Irish Quilting Magazine, Where the Inchies Are

I’ve been a bit behind on the blogging lately. I have all these pictures that I’ve taken, and things stored up in the back of my head to blog about, and then life gets in the way, and the stuff never makes it to the keyboard and thence to the screen. One of the most exciting things happened at the beginning of June—one of my Inchie Quilts called Where the Inchies Are appeared in Irish Quilting Magazine! Cool, right? Now take a look at the picture of the quilt in the magazine: Continue reading “A Touch o’ the Irish–Quilting, that is!”

Inchie Quilts Published!

Inchie QuiltsYipee!! The book is back from the printer and in the AQS warehouse, and much earlier than originally expected! I can now officially say that I’m a published author. WOW! That’s pretty cool, though it still seems a little unreal. Maybe when I actually have my hands on a copy, it will really sink in. 🙂

Inchie Quilts is available to order directly from AQS, or you can order it from me in about two weeks. I just ordered copies to be shipped to me, and they’ll take a week or two to arrive. I’ll be offering an introductory special on the Inchie Quilts book and InchieSee & InchieDo Viewer Tool and Ruler Set for just $35, more than 20% off the combined regular prices!

Since I’m here anyway, I’ll also tell you that one of my Inchie Quilts will be in the next issue of Irish Quilting, which should be on newstands in the first part of June. This is a quilt that is not in the book and the article features the quilt pattern and includes instructions to make Inchies! I’ll be sure to share pics when my copy of the magazine arrives. Well, there will be pictures of the book when it arrives as well! For now, it’s back to work writing Inchie workshop supply lists and handouts!