Done frogging, but still thinking

And it’s the thinking part that usually gets me into trouble, you know. Here’s the deal: While I was machine quilting this little wallhanging (it’s “just a item off of the Creativity List:, you remember), I was really enjoying myself. Well, except for those insane arguments with the OCQ and the frogging anyway. But mostly, I was having a ball, and wondering why I felt like this was so different than the norm.

Sounds a bit weird, right? I mean, this quilting thing is supposed to be at least marginally fun all the time, isn’t it? Okay, except for basting, because basting is no fun. But you know what, even as I just typed that out, “basting is no fun,” I realized that even basting this little quilt wasn’t the usual “no fun” process. So what gives?

I’ve had plenty of time in the past few days to think about it, since machine quilting marked patterns is pretty easy and leaves the mind free to wander, and frogging is definitely mind-wandering time. I’ve started wondering if I’ve really been enjoying quilting lately, and I’m starting to think that the answer is “no.” Which is kinda scary.

Stars in my Hand

If I think back to the last time I was truly enthralled with most of a project, my mind comes to rest on Stars in my Hand. That was a great quilt, and I enjoyed making it for the most part. The only thing that wasn’t actually fun was the endless stippling, and part of the reason for the torture was that my hands and arms just can’t take the abuse of tiny stippling anymore, and that quilt really drove the point home.

The quilt I made after that, Grasping Reality, was way outside my box and I know I didn’t enjoy making it as much as many of my other quilts. Stretching boundaries is a good thing, but I think there is such a thing as going too far, and then maybe the potential for true joy in the process is diminished by an inability to rise up and meet your own expectations for success. Continue reading “Done frogging, but still thinking”

So much for coasting…

I thought I was going to coast through Christmas, with not much stress after all was said and done. I was kinda congratulating myself a couple of days beforehand, thinking that despite the fact that I waited too long to get started, it was all going along swimmingly and I wouldn’t be up Christmas Eve until the wee hours finishing up the “must-dos.” I felt pretty good about the gifts for everyone and the preparations that I’d managed to handle.

However, while I wasn’t up until the wee hours with last minute rushing around, Christmas day still slapped me to the ground and stomped pretty hard thanks to GuitarGirl. Never happy, that one. I don’t know if it’s her expectations being too high or what, but she was just horrid on Christmas morning, and though I tried not to let it get to me, it did. She spent the morning being surly because she thought her sister was getting more gifts than she was. The cap to the morning was GuitarGirl bringing me the new book that I’d given her that I thought she’d be dying to read and the two others that came before it that she already had, and cuttingly saying “Oh, I forgot to tell you I didn’t really like these books anymore, so you can just sell them on ebay or whatever.” Well, all righty then! Is it any wonder I don’t look forward to Christmas anymore?

Needless to say, I didn’t feel much like Christmas after all that. ITMan watched his new movies, LittleOne (who was thrilled with all her presents under the tree) took off to her room to play, watch videos, read, etc., reappearing for food and chocolate as necessary. I did some quilting, working a little on The Misery Quilt (which is coming along, but obviously I’ve missed my Christmas deadline to have the quilting finished), and I started reading one of the books ITMan gave me for Christmas (which I love, by the way), and went to bed. And that’s been about the extent of my activity since Christmas day as well: quilting, reading, and taking it easy.

We did go out shopping (and returning some of the other gifts GuitarGirl didn’t want) on Friday, and had dinner out since it was our 18th anniversary. It’s hard to believe we’ve been married that long, but the years and the math don’t lie, I guess! Today I spent the day catching up on some web programming for a client, updating a plugin on my blog (which should have taken 15 minutes, but stretched into an hour or so 😦 ), and then I looked at my blog and saw that ten days have gone by since I posted. I guess that’s how years can go by so quickly, when you can’t even keep track of the days!

So I’m ready to put the whole Christmas rigmarole behind me and move on! My creative time of the year is coming and I have new ideas for quilts and website stuff running around in my head, just waiting for me to have some time to get started. Well, the quilt stuff has to wait until I get The Misery Quilt done, but that’s how it has to be. Anybody got some to spare? Time, I mean…