Fabric by the pound…

I finally got around to moving my two tall shelves full of tone-on-tone fabrics today, with ITMan’s help. As I was loading the folded fabrics into laundry baskets to move it downstairs, I thought it might be interesting to weigh it, just for curiosity’s sake. So one laundry basket full weighed about 35 pounds, and I had six baskets from those two shelves. I also have about three more baskets full of all my print fabrics in another dresser. Then there are the eight Rubbermaid tubs of fat quarters, which I estimate might fill up one more basket full. I realize that there’s probably quite a bit of room for error here, and this is not all uncut yardage, either. Oh, and there are some bags of true scraps around as well not included in this total.

Oh dear. I’m not sure I really want to know how much that might be in yards, but here goes: That comes to 10 baskets full, times 35 pounds per basket, for 350 pounds. I weighed a one yard piece of fabric, straight off the bolt, and it comes in at 4.5 ounces. So then you multiply 350 pounds by 16 to get the total ounces, and divide by 4.5, for a whopping 1,244 yards!!! WOW! I think that’s it for the math today, because I’m absolutely not going to think in dollars about all that. Um, can you say fabric diet???

We interrupt this UFO for a new project!

I spent part of the morning yesterday trying to figure out what to do with the sashing on the UFO Dresden Plate quilt, with no success. I finally started thinking about other projects that I need to do shortly here, and reluctantly put the big quilt aside for a bit. This is why UFO’s are what they are, obviously. I don’t think the UFO will be finished in time for its 11th birthday. 😦 No guilt, though, that’s just the way it goes.

Convergence Quilts

Convergence Quilts,
by Ricky Tims

I needed to pitch something together (or decide to finish some other UFO) for a demo that I’m supposed to give at the Black Forest Quilt Guild meeting in February. I’m supposed to show everyone how to embellish with the Swarovski crystals, but at the moment I don’t have anything around that needs crystalizing! I spent some time thinking and digging through other projects in progress, and didn’t really see any that I thought needed crystals in the end (or that I could finish quickly enough to matter), so I grabbed Convergence Quilts by Ricky Tims, and decided to see how quick and easy that process is. I’ve had the book for at least a year, and haven’t gotten around to doing anything with it. Continue reading “We interrupt this UFO for a new project!”

When you look up and your Page-a-Day calendars are still on 7 December

You know you’ve been busy. It’s been so crazy that I’ve had no time to quilt (not even that hour a day we were all supposed to do 😦 ). Our busy party weekend of the season hit me last Friday, and it’s been non-stop! I had a dress crisis (situation helped to the crisis point by the APO mail room and the Military Mail folks who sent my dress back to the States instead of delivering it to me), and had to crisis shop Friday for something to wear to the big office to-dos on Friday and Saturday. Found some fabulous stuff, and spent way too much money. Oh well, half the fun of all this party stuff is a new dress to wear.

So, Friday and Saturday nights at parties until almost the wee hours, and my oldest daughter had her own party on Friday as well, we had all the regular weekend stuff on Saturday, holiday decorating on Sunday, last minute cookie and candy shopping yesterday for family in the States, and another dinner party last night. The parties got progressively better as the weekend wore on, and last night’s dinner was probably the best meal I’ve had in my entire life. We visited the Hotel – Restaurant Landhaus Feckl in Ehningen, and it was fabulous! Every plate was a work of art here, not only the cooking but the presentation as well. I didn’t have my camera, but we’ll be going back for our anniversary after Christmas (and again for Valentine’s day, and whatever other holiday I can think of!), so I will definitely share pics of the food. It’s just that kind of food! I’m still full this morning! And the service was exceptional, surely deserving of four stars.

There’s even another party thing tonight, an open house for the new satellite office with the company, but thankfully I’m off the hook since one of us has to be a parent and be taxi for guitar lessons. I’ve already eaten enough in the last four days to not need to eat at all today anyway. And now, after today, it’s all over (the parties I mean), just like that. I could have wished for them to be spread out a bit more, but when the execs fly in from the States to party with the worker bees, that’s the way it falls out.

So today, before life gets in the way, I’m going to quilt first, and work later. Kind of like eating dessert first, since life is uncertain. Yes, I have packages to make ready for mailing, and other stuff to do here in the house, but I need the quilting break! And I will not listen to all the stuff calling me to do it, and I will not feel guilty in the least!