Weekend recap, a bit of quilting, a bit of surfing

I managed to get almost finished with my UFO quilt that I took to the retreat last weekend. I just have one block left to quilt, and then the binding to do, so maybe today will be the finish! I recorded the Driven To Quilt Podcast Episode 12, and installed a new image gallery on the Driven To Quilt website to accomodate all the pictures I took at the retreat. Take a peek at the fun while you listen in to the latest Podcast!

Other than that busy-ness, it was actually more than “a bit” of surfing, since I found this great website, and it was just enthralling. Fellow quilter Ami Simms has a wonderful site, which I knew existed but hadn’t ever really perused at length. Shame on me. Saturday evening, I spent a couple of hours there at least, because I just couldn’t close the browser window! First thing is, she’s hilarious! She leads a very colorful life it seems, and her sense of humor is priceless. A few years back she ran a Worst Quilt in the World Contest, and the results are on her site, with judges comments and reviews that had me laughing out loud.

Other “not to miss” sections include the “Life’s Ups and Downs” tale of an elevator incident on the What’s up with Ami? page and a short story of how a guy tries to help with the kitty box issue on the What were they thinking? page. These tales and others had me nearly falling out of my chair laughing so hard.

The Ami’s Adventures page is very interesting as well, with Mrs. Simms goes to Washington which really got me thinking, and wonderful e-mails from her nephew and his new bride who joined the Peace Corps and set off for a 27 month stint in Kazakhstan. It’s a rare glimpse into a completely different world, and I’m honored that they and she would share with everyone.

Obviously I’ve not explored her site completely yet, since there’s just so much there and I did have to get some sleep in. I think I’ll have to make a little “Ami Time” in each day so I can get my daily dose!

The UFO Rebellion

UFO'S are By-Products of Creativity Shirt

I’ve been forgetting to mention that September is my UFO (Rebellion) Month. If you haven’t listened to the Driven To Quilt Podcast from September 4, you’re missing out on some great ideas that will free you from UFO associated guilt forever!

My husband used to nag me (just a little) about my quilting UFO’s, but he’s seen the light, I guess, and now realizes that they are a part of my creativity, as well as evidence of just how much creative energy I have. If you’re feeling guilty about the number of UFO’s in your quilting room, listen to the Podcast, then go out and get yourself a “UFO’s are Creativity” shirt in honor of UFO Month. You deserve to be proud of your creative spirit!