Want to Write a Quilt Book? (Part 2)

Want to Write a Quilt Book? @ Fabric Bias

So where was I? Part 2 of this article got preempted by various things, so now my thoughts are a bit scattered, which is what I get for not writing it right after I’d finished Part 1 while I was on a roll! So what was it that I said I would talk about in Part 2 again? Hang on while I go check… … … Ah, there it is: “I’ll share a few thoughts about the actual submission process, and the things that I think made my proposal for Inchie Quilts attractive to AQS.” Hmmm. Okay, here we go.

Early in the Inchie development process, I thought the whole concept would make a great book. It was new, it was different, and nobody was out there doing it already (that I knew of). The development process then was naturally geared toward writing a book, and therefore, I took photos of almost everything I did or made, knowing that if the book deal came through, I would need those photos for the technique portions of the book. Note taking was also profuse, so that I could write instructions for individual quilts without having to figure out measurements and such from finished quilts later. Continue reading “Want to Write a Quilt Book? (Part 2)”

Want to Write a Quilt Book? (Part 1)

Want to Write a Quilt Book? @ Fabric Bias

I was in my LQS recently, and the conversation turned to my book and it’s upcoming release. Someone asked me how I got my book published, and I was happy to point her in the right direction, but I also thought I’d answer that question here (more thoroughly, I’ll admit), and give a few links to more information.


Of course, no story is complete around here unless it’s a long one, so you have to have the back story: I started dreaming about writing a quilt book way back in the late 1990s. I actually submitted a proposal to That Patchwork Place/Martingale Publishing in 1998, for a book about my Bargello Blocks technique. I waited a really long time to hear back from them (I didn’t have a clue, and I didn’t want to seem pushy), and finally learned by calling their offices that they had lost my proposal. They eventually found the quilt I submitted with the proposal in their offices somewhere, but the proposal itself never turned up. Discouraging, to say the least, and by that time (months had gone by) I was off in another quilting direction entirely.

I did eventually publish the Inspiration pattern (see quilt at right) through Cafe Press. Another interesting note: Last year a book was released by Krause Publications that’s essentially the same technique (from what I can tell by the cover anyway, you be the judge) Continue reading “Want to Write a Quilt Book? (Part 1)”


Aside from all the important “usuals” like healthy children and family, a wonderful husband and life partner, his good job that keeps us in food and clothing and other assorted necessary and fun things, and just generally a far better life than maybe anyone has any right to expect, I’m greatly thankful for a few more specific things at the moment:

  • I’m actually going to have a book published by this time next year, and I’m on the cusp of that “career in quilting” that I’ve been aiming at for years.
  • I have two wonderful children who are being total troopers through all of my quilting preoccupation, and a husband who plans to cook Thanksgiving dinner himself so that I can work through the day.
  • I have friends that are still my friends, despite my desperate phone calls and emails in which I share this publishing roller coaster that I’m on right now. If you’ve been on the Space Mountain ride at EuroDisney, you’ll know exactly what I’m feeling some days, and I’m thankful that my friends haven’t blocked my email address, removed my blog from their RSS reader and unplugged the phone when they see my number in the caller ID.
  • The above can also be applied to my mom, who would obviously still be my mom, but I’m glad she’s still answering my emails and calls with a sympathetic ear and some good advice and input. It’s sorely needed, and much appreciated.
  • I have readers that are still reading (I think) despite the spotty posting schedule, not much creative content, too few inspiring photos and lack of committed attention to my blog and website. At some point, things will even out and get back to something that resembles normal, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you’re still here through all this. THANK YOU!!

I am truly blessed. Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!