Quilt Night Out

Doing the late night quilting thing tonight at the Gussy Goose with friends! Lots of talking, laughing, eating, and oh yeah, some quilting too!

Quilt Retreat: Quilt, Eat, Sleep, Repeat!

High on the (very) short list of things to love about living here: spending the weekend quilting (and eating and sleeping) in an 850-year-old monastery. The Kloster Schoental, to be exact. The condensed version: good food, good company, good quilting, happy weekend.

The uncut version: Kloster Schoental is about one hour from my house, the last 20 minutes or so through little towns and scenic curvy roads. The Black Forest Quilt Guild has held it’s spring Quilt Retreat there every year for the last three, I think, and it’s just wonderful. The monastery has been modernized of course, but not to the point of losing it’s essence. We had a giant well lit room for quilting, and single or double rooms for sleeping. They feed us five times a day (yes, FIVE!): breakfast, coffee and tea break with pretzels and savory pastries, lunch, coffee or tea break with sweet cakes, and dinner, and drinks are available anytime. There’s plenty of room for everyone to spread out everywhere, for relaxing, quilting, talking, quilt basting, Irish dancing (really!), whatever. Continue reading “Quilt Retreat: Quilt, Eat, Sleep, Repeat!”

National Quilting Day

It’s National Quilting Day on Saturday, March 17th! What will you do to celebrate? Here are a few ideas:

Visit the National Quilting Association website to find out more about National Quilting Day. Visit the Virginia Consortium of Quilters for a list of Games for National Quilting Day (these would be great for a quilt retreat too!).

Go to a quilt show! Check out the Dallas Quilt Celebration, The Cabin Branch and Stone House Quilters Quilt Show, The Glendale Quilt Guild Quilt Show, The Broward Quilt Expo, The Seaway Trail Foundation’s Quilt Show, or The Quilters Anonymous Quilt Show, just for starters. If you’re in my area, check out the Gussy Goose Craft Shop’s Quilt Show! Yes, despite the fact that the big spring bazaar is going full steam this weekend and the parking situation is madness (more than the usual madness at Patch Barracks!), the Gussy Goose is open, and presenting their annual Quilt Show.

Can’t get there? Grab some friends and have a Quilting Bee! Visit your LQS and buy fabric to start a new quilt project, then spend the rest of the weekend quilting! Or, get out a UFO or WISP (I know you have them!) and quilt all weekend so you can make some progress.

At the very least, snuggle up under a quilt and watch a movie like How to Make an American Quilt or read a book like The Quiltmaker’s Gift with your child.

Irish Chain Quilting

What will I be doing? Hangin’ out at the Gussy Goose, presenting machine quilting demonstrations, signing books and CDs, and then later, hosting a Quilt ’til You Wilt with my quilting buddies until the wee hours on Sunday! I’ll also be machine quilting a UFO: an Irish Chain quilt that I pieced for a class a few years ago, and I marked it and started the quilting while I was in the States with Dawn for the Gaudynski workshop (I’m showing a sneak peek of the quilting that I already have done here). Whatever you do for the day, stop back by and share!

Quilt Retreat UFO Project

Winter WindmillsSo here’s a bit of the quilt that I took to the Quilt Retreat last weekend. It was so wonderful to have all that time at the Retreat to work on whatever I wanted. I am almost finished with it, and I’m hoping to have it completely done and washed in time to take it with me to the Black Forest Quilters Guild meeting next Friday for Show & Tell. I backed this quilt with a brushed cotton, so it’ll be so warm and cozy that the family will probably fight over who gets to use it.

I was afraid I might regret the brushed cotton, since the last time I used a fuzzy flannel type fabric on the back of a quilt, I was sorry. That fabric was a Thimbleberries flannel, and it had so much ink or dye on the top of it that it wouldn’t slide well over the machine bed during free motion quilting. It was terrible, but by the time I got to the free motion part, there was too much other quilting in it to just take it out and start over. This time, I tested the “free-motion-ability” of this fabric right away, so if it was horrible I could take it out, and then unbaste and rebaste the quilt with something else. Thankfully it was cooperative this time, and it’s turning into a very snuggly quilt, just in time for the winter months.

Quilt Retreat Weekend coming up

At the Black Forest Quilters Guild meeting last Friday, I managed to squeeze in to the annual Fall Quilt Retreat scheduled for this coming weekend. I haven’t been on a quilt retreat with the guild for many years, though I remember the very first retreat well. Nine members, including myself, went to a tiny little farmhouse bed and breakfast, and we were crammed into the breakfast room with all our machines and the irons and whatnot. The electrical maneuverings were rather interesting, but a good time was had by all.

I think this retreat will be somewhat different though, as I understand there will be 30 members from our guild attending, and 30 members from a German guild in the area as well. With any luck the room is a bit bigger! 😉 I’m going to spend as much of today and tomorrow as possible gathering projects and supplies to keep busy for two days (and maybe nights!) of non-stop quilting. Not that finding projects is a problem around here, really! I think I’ll take two quilts that are marked for quilting and basted for machine quilting, so that I don’t have to lug the iron and the rotary cutter and mat and all since I won’t be piecing anything. Maybe I can even get one of those UFO’s nearly done!

We’re supposed to take a quilt for show and tell with the German guild, and I haven’t decided which one to take yet. Suggestions?

A day of quilting for a change!

I found this Blogthing that looked like fun, so I took the little quiz, and here’s how it came out:

You Belong in Winter

Quiet, calm, and totally at peace…
You’re happy to be at home, wrapped in a blanket, completely snowed in
Whether you’re lighting a fire or having a snowball fight, you always feel best in the winter.

Those of you who know me are probably snickering right now, since it’s soooo true (except the part about snowball fights!). I’m such an indoor girl, and I can’t wait for it to start being winter-ish! I love sweaters, fires, snow (if it’s outside and I’m in!) and winter cooking, if I really must cook at all! And quilts are a cozy warm thing too, so it all fits together nicely.

I’m having a quilt day today: I put more crystals on the Grasping Reality quilt, choose fabrics for my next project and worked on the design a bit (more on that later!). Coincidentially, the fabrics I’m planning to use do look slightly winter-ish, except for a splash of purple I threw in with the dark to light grey-blues. I’ll be spending the evening on some math, working out fabric requirements for this new quilt. It’s been a while since I spent a whole day just doing quilting things, and it’s been really nice! What did you do this fine autumn weekend?