Hitting a milestone is a great feeling, even if there are many miles left to go. I’ve finished stippling around the outside edge of the king size quilt now, and just have the inside setting squares left to do. I’m seeing light at the end of that tunnel! I’ve put the binding on and I’m stitching it down today and tomorrow. Trimming the excess batting and backing off the edge makes it a bit more manageable when stippling the inside squares. I’ll be able to finish the quilt in time to photograph it and send it off to it’s first show, the 37th Annual National Quilting Association Quilt Show, in Columbus, Ohio, June 8-10, 2006. So, now it’s time to start really thinking and planning the next quilt design; I’ve chosen the fabrics and worked on it a bit, but now I can begin to get serious.

Off the Bookshelf—Tumbling Blocks

Tumbling Blocks: New Quilts...

Tumbling Blocks: New Quilts…,
by Barbara Smith, Editor

Since we’re on the subject of the New Quilts from an Old Favorite Contest, check out Tumbling Blocks, another book of prize-winning quilts from AQS. My Butterfly Houses quilt was awarded second place in the Tumbling Blocks Contest in 2001, and is featured in the book along with 17 other finalists’ quilts. This is a great “break out of your box” book, full of ideas and inspiration on every page. Here’s the idea: Continue reading “Off the Bookshelf—Tumbling Blocks”