Quilting with Patches and Shadow: Helping out

Shadow helping with the crystalsIt’s been awhile since the last Quilting with Patches and Shadow update, but here’s a good one for you. I’m working on the Swarovski crystals on the Grasping Reality: Fifteen quilt, and of course, Shadow has to be right in the middle of it all.

‘Course, Shadow has to be in the middle of everything, really. He’s just that kind of cat. Patches is content to be in the same room with me, and if I get up and leave the room, he waits a bit to see if I’ll come back right away (like maybe it was just a short trip to the bathroom or something). Not so with Shadow. If I leave the room he’s on my heels, and when I come out of the bathroom, he’s sitting across the doorway where I have to step over him to get by.

I’m not so sure I’m fond of this little cat at all; we definitely haven’t bonded at this point. Maybe when he grows out of the “kitten stupids” and quits waking me up every night scratching on things and generally being rotten, sometimes three or four times a night, we’ll be better friends.

Postscript to yesterday’s cat events

I receive the “Bad Cat” Page-a-Day calendar in my e-mail every day, and the page that showed up this morning was just so timely, I had to share it:

Calendar Page

I just had to laugh, thinking about yesterday’s events. And those cats even look like Shadow! Shadow could be the poster kitty for the “Bad Cat Association.” Thank goodness I didn’t buy two kittens, though. I can’t imagine that! Then again, maybe I just don’t want to, it’s too scary!

Things that keep me from quilting #3

Imagine this: Shadow playing with a CapriSun drink pack. Now imagine him trying to eat it, and poking holes in it with his teeth! Then imagine him thinking the juice was not so tasty when it began spewing out of the holes onto the floor, and moving on to the 32 oz. Tetra-pak container of Swanson Chicken Broth, and chewing holes in it, too. Then you can imagine the chicken broth spewing out onto the cheapo (landlord installed) carpet in our laundry room/pantry area, soaking it and running underneath the small refrigerator we have there. I imagine that he thoroughly enjoyed drinking what he could of it, and then dragging the nearly empty container out of the laundry room and leaving it in the hallway on the tile.

Needless to say, finding the mess did not start my day well; rather than quilting, I was moving the refrigerator, sopping up chicken broth (oh, and the puddle of CapriSun juice that was there too), and carpet cleaning the area, and all this before I could even get breakfast! Oh, and this was after he’d already managed to topple a lamp by my sewing machine, which tipped over a bottle of mineral water and broke the half-full glass, and left my sewing machine and other assorted items near it sitting in a puddle of water and glass shards as soon as I got out of bed this morning. I keep imagining a kitten perched on the curb outside, with a For Sale sign around his little neck. I think I’d get more quilting done if I did it. It surely would be kinder than strangling his little neck. Anybody want to buy a cat?

Quilting with Patches and Shadow: Trying to quilt!

Okay, here’s one I had to share:

Shadow Quilting

This is what happens when I take a break from stippling! He’s growing so fast that soon he won’t be able to fit there, so hopefully I’ll be able to quilt without interuptions of this type anyway. Very cute, but I had to make him move. 😦 Must stipple!