The UFO Rebellion

UFO'S are By-Products of Creativity Shirt

I’ve been forgetting to mention that September is my UFO (Rebellion) Month. If you haven’t listened to the Driven To Quilt Podcast from September 4, you’re missing out on some great ideas that will free you from UFO associated guilt forever!

My husband used to nag me (just a little) about my quilting UFO’s, but he’s seen the light, I guess, and now realizes that they are a part of my creativity, as well as evidence of just how much creative energy I have. If you’re feeling guilty about the number of UFO’s in your quilting room, listen to the Podcast, then go out and get yourself a “UFO’s are Creativity” shirt in honor of UFO Month. You deserve to be proud of your creative spirit!

Patriotic Quilter Shirts at The Quilt Shop

Patriotic Quilter T-shirt

Quilts, quilters and quilting – as American as baseball and apple pie. Show that patriotic spirit with a shirt perfect for Independence Day or any day! It’s not too late to order your Patriotic Quilter shirts from The Quilt Shop to have them arrive in time for your 4th of July celebration. Patriotic Quilter Mugs are also available (and on sale!). This is my first holiday design, and I’ve definitely got more in mind!

World Quilting Team Shirts at the Quilt Shop

World Quilting Team Shirt

Well, I’m surrounded by World Cup Mania here. I keep hearing about the World Cup, seeing ads about the World Cup, and seeing people wearing World Cup shirts. My hubby and daughter are glued to the TV watching soccer, and I don’t even go in the living room anymore.

World Quilting Team Shirt

So, I designed my own version of a World Cup shirt. (Then I had to make another, since it was so fun!) Here are my nods to the World Cup, in true quilter style! Available for a limited time, so order yours today!

Children’s Apparel at the Quilt Shop

Erin's Heart Teddy Bear and T-Shirt Gift Set

My daughter Erin LOVES to draw and paint! We’ve collaborated on a few new items for The Quilt Shop featuring some of her original artwork. You’ll find t-shirts for kids and toddlers, teddy bears with matching shirts, blank journals (great for drawing!) and more gift items now avalable in the Mommy and Me Designs section at the Quilt Shop. Save on specially priced gift sets like the one pictured, and get exclusive matching mini buttons, only available in the set! Perfect gifts for kids, or the young at heart, and just as special as the kids themselves.