Off the Bookshelf: Puzzle Quilts by Paula Nadelstern

Puzzle Quilts

Puzzle Quilts,
by Paula Nadelstern

Actually, this book hasn’t even been on the bookshelf yet, since I just got it! I finished devouring it yesterday while I waited for my daughter at her flute lesson. I love it! It’s just so yummy that devouring is the perfect word!

This new book by Paula Nadelstern is the first new quilt book I’ve purchased in a long while, and I’m happy to report that it was a completely satisfying purchase. I have her other two books, Kaleidoscopes & Quilts and Snowflakes & Quilts, and to be honest, while the books are stunning visually, and her methods and techniques are interesting and produce exciting quilts, I’m just not sure I’d ever really make a quilt like that. I’ve looked at those two books a lot, but I’ve never been inspired enough to go there (yet).

Puzzle Quilts, however, may just be a different story altogether. I know I read the other two books (I mean really read them, not just perused them), and they just didn’t strike the same chord of inspiration, the “I want to make something with this method NOW” burn. Continue reading Off the Bookshelf: Puzzle Quilts by Paula Nadelstern


Creativity back on track, I think

It’s looking better than it was on Sunday, anyway. I went to the fabric shops as planned today, and didn’t find exactly what I needed (now why doesn’t that surprise me??), but did find some hopefuls. I didn’t get to play right away though, because the day was rather full, with an appointment to make my hair behave again bright and early (note to self: no more appointments out of the house before 10:00 a.m.!). So, at 7:45 a.m., I’m cruising through morning traffic to make it to my 8:00 hair appointment more or less on time.

I took a new quilt book with me, as well as my fiction fix of the moment just in case the quilt book didn’t keep me occupied long enough for my hair to lose it’s dark roots and be beautiful again. I just got Puzzle Quilts by Paula Nadelstern in the mail from Amazon last week, and haven’t really looked at it completely yet. This wonderful book completely occupied me for my whole appointment, and I’ve still not gotten through it all. It’s not even that long, just so absolutely stunning and absorbing that I was happy to just stare at the beautiful quilts and blocks in it. A more complete review will follow, but I don’t want to get sidetracked with that quite yet.

Back to the creativity/fabric issue. After the hair was taken care of, I headed over to Patchcom to visit Birgit, in hopes of finding the perfect fabric to solve my current quilting woes. Well, the perfect fabric wasn’t there, but I did pick up a couple of things (who can resist??), one of which I thought might help the problem, if not solve it precisely, and the other was just a “gotta have” fabric. I made my way to the Gussy Goose after that (via the insurance company to renew the insurance on the house and DH’s truck since it’s that time again), and there was no perfect fabric there either, Continue reading Creativity back on track, I think

12 Days of Christmas Sale at The Quilt Shop

12 Days of Christmas Sale

Today through December 7, The Quilt Shop@DreamWeaver’s Quilts presents the 12 Days of Christmas Sale! A different bestselling item is added to the sale lineup each day for 12 days of 20% off sale prices. Quilt Patterns, Shirts, mousepads, mugs, quilt art journals, tiles and the Machine Quilting CD workshop will all be 20% off the regular price during the sale. Avoid the mall crowds, shop in your jammies and have it delivered in time for the holidays! Hint, hint: A couple of the newest long sleeve shirts will even be on sale! Cafe Press will even give you free shipping on your order of $50 or more. Don’t miss it!

Long sleeve shirts are here!

Quilting Keeps Me in Stitches Long Sleeve Shirt

Okay, so it took me a while to get to this one, but here they are finally! Long sleeve versions of some of the great shirts for quilters at The Quilt Shop are now available! You can order most shirts in black, brown or white. The shirts are a cut for women from a mid-weight jersey, perfect for layering. I’m adding more every day, so if you don’t see the design you want on a long sleeve shirt, leave me a comment or drop me an email and I’ll get to it asap.

It’s coming! The Machine Quilting Workshop on CD

Machine Quilting-Master the Basics CD Workshop

My Machine Quilting—Master the Basics class is quite popular, and I’ve often heard requests for a “take-it-home” version: a video, a book, or something of that nature. I’m pleased to announce the upcoming release of Machine Quilting—Master the Basics, a complete beginning machine quilting workshop on CD. Everything you need to know about learning to machine quilt is on the CD, just waiting for you to play it in your PC. Continue reading It’s coming! The Machine Quilting Workshop on CD

Patriotic Quilter Shirts at The Quilt Shop

Patriotic Quilter T-shirt

Quilts, quilters and quilting – as American as baseball and apple pie. Show that patriotic spirit with a shirt perfect for Independence Day or any day! It’s not too late to order your Patriotic Quilter shirts from The Quilt Shop to have them arrive in time for your 4th of July celebration. Patriotic Quilter Mugs are also available (and on sale!). This is my first holiday design, and I’ve definitely got more in mind!