World Quilting Team Shirts at the Quilt Shop

World Quilting Team Shirt

Well, I’m surrounded by World Cup Mania here. I keep hearing about the World Cup, seeing ads about the World Cup, and seeing people wearing World Cup shirts. My hubby and daughter are glued to the TV watching soccer, and I don’t even go in the living room anymore.

World Quilting Team Shirt

So, I designed my own version of a World Cup shirt. (Then I had to make another, since it was so fun!) Here are my nods to the World Cup, in true quilter style! Available for a limited time, so order yours today!

Inspiration Quilt Pattern available now!

Just arrived is my newest pattern, Inspiration. Some of you out there may recognize this quilt, or may have actually made one in a class with me at the Gussy Goose some years ago. I’ve finally published the pattern, and there will be more Bargello Blocks patterns coming soon. Bargello Blocks quilts are an excellent introduction to the Bargello quilting technique, since they are constructed in easy to manage blocks. Fabric selection and accurate cutting and piecing are the keys to success, and you’ll find indepth discussions and tips and tricks for success in the pattern. Enjoy!

Children’s Apparel at the Quilt Shop

Erin's Heart Teddy Bear and T-Shirt Gift Set

My daughter Erin LOVES to draw and paint! We’ve collaborated on a few new items for The Quilt Shop featuring some of her original artwork. You’ll find t-shirts for kids and toddlers, teddy bears with matching shirts, blank journals (great for drawing!) and more gift items now avalable in the Mommy and Me Designs section at the Quilt Shop. Save on specially priced gift sets like the one pictured, and get exclusive matching mini buttons, only available in the set! Perfect gifts for kids, or the young at heart, and just as special as the kids themselves.

A Mystery Quilt, sort of

Quilted Whispers Cat Notecards

Quilted Whispers
Cat Notecards

The quilt I’m working on right now is a mystery. It’s not really a “mystery quilt” per se, but I’m keeping it a secret until it’s complete, in June, 2006. However, hints are available if you know where to look. (Psst! Some pictures in recent posts show bits of the quilt during quilting!) I’ll tell you this much: it’s an anniversary quilt for someone in my family, and I’ve begun photographing parts of it as it’s completed to create a very special collection of notecards and art prints called Quilted Whispers.

To see the first Quilted Whispers notecards featuring motifs from this quilt, go to The Quilt Shop at DreamWeaver’s Quilts. Net proceeds from the sale of items featuring artwork from this quilt will be donated to the ALS Association, to help in finding a cure for Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Visit the Mystery Quilt page for more information about the quilt, and a very special Contest coming soon!