First Quilt Finish of 2015: Softly Spoken

Softly Spoken quilt with kitty helper by Nadine Ruggles

This one is in the “Thank Goodness it’s Finally Finished” category! I started this quilt in September, 2013, hoping for something easy and quick, and it was neither. It’s not that the piecing is complex (it’s not) or that any of the construction was terribly difficult (it wasn’t), but it turned into much more of a “thing” than I’d anticipated.

It’s modern-ish. That’s part of the problem, at least for me. It’s outside a number of my boxes, one of them being that I work well from a pattern or at the very least a definite plan, and this quilt had no pattern and only a very vague plan. Rather than purchase anything, I used some Quilter’s Dream batting that I had (which I’m just going to note again that I really don’t like), and between the weight of the quilt and backing and the weight of the batting, this quilt was a total bear to push through the machine for quilting. Then I couldn’t resist complicating things with embroidery, and that takes a while. And yes, all of this is self-inflicted! Continue reading “First Quilt Finish of 2015: Softly Spoken”

Work in Progress Wednesday–Finding the Groove Post Icepocalypse

Artisan Batiks and Essex Linen quilt detail by Nadine Ruggles

Last week was definitely weird here in the South. The Snowpocalypse a few weeks back was bad enough, but the Icepocalypse was much worse for us. Augusta was the hardest hit by that storm, and here we were right in the middle of it all. Turns out ice storms are momentum killers…who knew? I spent last Wednesday trying to get things done on the computer in between power flickers, until Wednesday evening when it sputtered out and died entirely, and proceeded to stay out until… wait for it… Saturday morning! Not cool, Mr. Winter, not cool…

Quilting related work was almost non-existent. No power == no machine, no computer to work on patterns, not enough light for hand work most of the time and no iron of course. It’s amazing how completely dependent our lives are on having electricity at the flick of a switch, and even more amazing how little we realize it until it’s not available. As I said on Twitter, funny how some days you’d just like to read all day, until there’s nothing else to do and then you’d rather not! Continue reading “Work in Progress Wednesday–Finding the Groove Post Icepocalypse”

Work in Progress Wednesday–Coloring Outside the Lines Update

Artisan Batiks and Essex Linen quilt detail by Nadine Ruggles
Work In Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Edit2: I linked this WIP Wednesday post up at Freshly Pieced today. If you found your way here from over there, welcome! For regular readers, if you’d like to see lots more inspiring WIP Wednesday projects, visit Freshly Pieced!

EDIT: Yep, you can tell it’s been a bit of a crazy day around here, since I posted this on Tuesday… instead of Wednesday! /sigh

Waaaay back in September, I wanted to make a simple quilt, something I could just make, and get lost in the process. I don’t think I actually said it out loud or in the post, but I probably also wanted something quick. Unfortunately, this project wasn’t any of those things! If it had been, it probably would already be done and gracing the chair in the bedroom instead of still lolling about in my studio. 😛 Continue reading “Work in Progress Wednesday–Coloring Outside the Lines Update”

Coloring Outside the Lines

I’m on a bit of an adventure this morning. I find that I miss making quilts that are a bit more useful; quilts that you can cuddle up in and keep warm in, quilts that could even be called utilitarian. I want to make a quilt with simple lines and not a lot of pieces. Something I can just…make…and get lost in the colors and textures and process. I honestly can’t remember the last quilt I made like that, which is kind of sad! I went on a rummaging trip through the fabric stash after I threw together a little quilt plan in EQ, and I found a roll of Artisan Batiks precuts from Robert Kaufman that I’ve been staring at since I brought it home from Quilt Market in 2009 (I think).

I looked around for a background-type fabric and I found something workable that I have LOTS of and I mooshed stuff around on the sewing table in the morning light. I carried the pile off to the bedroom to see how I liked it in there, since that’s where this quilt will live if I make it. It was good, but…eh, the background fabric was a bit too dark and too yellowish for the look I have in mind. I made more coffee because it’s just necessary for hard thinking!

Did I want to go out to the fabric store today? Ewwwww…no. It’s Saturday, ITMan is visiting his parents for a few days, it’s quiet here, and no, I don’t want to get all fixed up to go out. I’d even have to stop to put gas in the car or I wouldn’t get there at all, much less get back home. I have my hermit hat on, though truthfully it’s stuck to my head so firmly you’d be hard pressed to catch me without it. And beside that, do I need to spend any money on fabric for what is essentially an experimental quilt? Nah…but I really didn’t love that background print… Continue reading “Coloring Outside the Lines”