Quilting Warm Fuzzy Feelings #1


The quilting world isn’t all perfectly flat quilt tops, eating chocolate by the pound or quietly hand quilting with a harem of men to rub sore shoulders. Sometimes you can sit frustrated for hours trying to get your points to match or watch helplessly as your red fabrics bleed all over the rest of your quilt in the wash. Other times are sheer elation, enabling you to enjoy a rush of Quilting Warm Fuzzy Feelings (herinafter WFF’s) from the satisfaction of having done something just right, or to your highest standards. Following is the first of the Quilting Warm Fuzzy Feelings.

Fabric stash

WFF#1: When you find the perfect fabric, it’s already in your stash, AND there’s enough of it!
There’s almost no better feeling in the quilting world as finding the perfect fabric for your project, and that feeling definitely gets warm and fuzzy when that perfect fabric is already on hand, and you have enough for your project. If you have a large stash, the chances of this happening to you are greater, but having a large fabric stash comes with it’s own challenge. How to store all that fabric, yet keep it visible, accessible and undamaged? Continue reading “Quilting Warm Fuzzy Feelings #1”