Finishing a quilt!

After a couple of marathon quilting days, I’ve just finished my latest quilt. It’s always an interesting combination of feelings when you put those last stitches in: first you heave the big sigh of relief because you’re done, and then you take a big breath and hold it while you dump the quilt in the washing machine! Then you have to wait awhile to see if it lives through it’s first bath, and I have to wait even longer, since my German washer takes way longer to run a cycle than an American one does.

No matter how many quilts I’ve made, I still worry about that first bath; will the dyes in the fabrics run? Will all my machine quilting unravel? None of these things usually happen, and I don’t really expect them to this time, but it’s still scary! Anyway, I still have some things to do before the quilt is completely done, like add crystals and some other embellishments. I’ll post some pics as soon as I get them done!

Stars In My Hand travels to Minnesota

Stars In My Hand Quilt

Stars In My Hand is on its way to Duluth, Minnesota for the Quilting on the Waterfront Quilt Show, August 17-19, 2006. Quilting on the Waterfront is an all-machine-quilting show, with separate divisions for domestic and longarm machines. If you’re in the area, check it out!

And remember, today is the last day in July to enter the Quilted Whispers Contest. I’ll be drawing a name for the winner tomorrow, so get those last minute entries in now!

Driven to Quilt Podcast Episode 1 – Swarovski Hot Fix crystals and quilting without injuries

It’s all “fabulous!” Introductions, about the podcast, Swarovski Hot Fix crystals and quilting without injuries.

Listen now!

Program notes:

Paisley Pavane, detail by Nadine RugglesThe Paisley Pavane Quilt.

Houston International Quilt Festival information:

Visit Cheri’s Crystals for great prices on Swarovski Hot-Fix crystals.

Pain Free Quilting by Carole LeRoyEdit (May, 2017): Carole LeRoy’s site is no longer around, but you can still pick up a copy of her book, Pain Free Quilting (affiliate link) on Amazon!

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Crystals~my latest addiction

Have I mentioned that I love crystals? I mean, I LOVE crystals! You know, those little hot-fix crystals from Swarovski that come in tons of gorgeous colors?! The little crystals you embellish EVERYTHING with?! I love ’em. You can put them on anything, from jeans to quilts and anything in-between, just by heating them up for eight seconds with a little mini iron called a Bedazzler. Continue reading “Crystals~my latest addiction”