The UFO Rebellion

UFO'S are By-Products of Creativity Shirt

I’ve been forgetting to mention that September is my UFO (Rebellion) Month. If you haven’t listened to the Driven To Quilt Podcast from September 4, you’re missing out on some great ideas that will free you from UFO associated guilt forever!

My husband used to nag me (just a little) about my quilting UFO’s, but he’s seen the light, I guess, and now realizes that they are a part of my creativity, as well as evidence of just how much creative energy I have. If you’re feeling guilty about the number of UFO’s in your quilting room, listen to the Podcast, then go out and get yourself a “UFO’s are Creativity” shirt in honor of UFO Month. You deserve to be proud of your creative spirit!

Creative procrastination pays off

I’ve started designing a new quilt, and it’s entirely out of my “normal” range of styles. It’s really outside a number of my boxes, so it’s been kind of interesting figuring out how to do it. It’s appliqué, which I don’t do a lot of because it takes too long by hand (and my hands don’t handle it very well these days anyway) and I’ve never liked the results doing it by machine. The quilt is in bright, clear colors, which I don’t do a lot of either. Some quilts just have to be made, though, so on we go.

To get to the point of all this, I’ve spent the last three days or so just looking at the stuff for this quilt on the table while really concentrating on some much needed web page maintenance instead of quilting (procrastinating, if the truth be told). I’ve puttered with the quilt a bit and thought about it a lot, but haven’t really done much except to try to cut the scalloped borders for it, and mess them up. I thought I was going to put the borders on before I did most of the appliqué, because that’s how it kind of needed to be done. I was able to fix the borders, but when it came time to move forward, I went back to my computer and worked on web pages some more. I knew what needed to be done, but for some reason I wasn’t ready to do it. Now, I don’t really have time to “not be ready” to move forward with this thing Continue reading “Creative procrastination pays off”

UFO Report! One down, 24 to go…

Here’s a pic of the little quilt I finished up this morning:

Ode to CB

I appliquéd the cat after the quilt was basted together with the batting and backing, just as an experiment. I basted the layers with water soluble thread, then appliquéd the prepared pieces onto the quilt through all three layers, free-motion quilting them at the same time with coordinating thread. The basket and the fabrics in it were applied after the quilt was bound Continue reading “UFO Report! One down, 24 to go…”

UFO Report! Only 25 to go…

I looked at my UFO spreadsheet yesterday, and realized that I only have 25 unfinished projects listed. That’s so much better than when I started the list a few years ago. In other words, I am making progress, just a little slower than originally planned. But, seeing that there are only 25 on that list made me want to hurry up and finish them all! If I was really good (and really busy) I could do it in a year…

I am working on one now, anyway. It’s a small wallhanging that I started as a 16″ center block for a round-robin quilt group that I participated in years ago with the Black Forest Quilter’s Guild. I remember making three different blocks for the center of my quilt, because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do (and the resulting quilt from the round robin is still on the UFO list, btw. *sigh*). This block is a picture of sorts, with a small quilt on a wall in the background, and a cat and a basket sitting on the table in front of the quilt. The cat is washing it’s face. This is another one of those quilts that I wouldn’t have been nearly as happy with if I’d finished it years ago, because I didn’t have the fabric that I used in the border back then. I’m quilting it now, and I’ll post pics when I’m done, of course.

UFO Report! A little progress here and there…

Lone Star Quilt detail

As some of you may be aware, about two and a half years ago my friend Liz Buchanan and I decided to list all of our UFO’s so that we actually knew what we had. We even put the list into an Excel spreadsheet, with columns for what needed to be done, what was completed, and the final completion date of each project. Well, all the details aside, I was horrified (and more than a bit chagrined) to find that I had a huge number (like over 50!) of Un-Finished Objects in my quilting studio, from years and years of quilting dangerously. Ugh! Time to get busy! Continue reading “UFO Report! A little progress here and there…”

A small project

Bargello Blocks Table Runner

Well, it was time to take a break from “huge” and work with something more manageable. This little table runner has been around for about 10 years! Yes, unfinished. 😦 However, this may not be such a bad thing. You see, for 10 years, this has been sitting in my closet with the fabric that was to be used for the border. I pulled this project out the other day to finish it, and after really thinking about the size I planned to cut the borders, realized that the fabric I’d stashed away for all those years wasn’t going to cut it. See that beautiful border print? That fabric is a Jinny Beyer border that was just manufactured last year, and it’s perfect. This little quilt turned out beautifully, I just love it, and it wouldn’t have been so great if I’d finished it 10 years ago. Some things are just meant to be.

By the way, part of the reason I dug this out to finish is because I’ve decided to publish the pattern for it, along with the matching quilt called Inspiration. Look for it at The Quilt Shop in June.