New Digs! After Action Details

Whew!! Okay, I can maybe get back to life now! I spent literally ALL WEEKEND and part of Monday working through the bazillion little details that have to be dealt with to move a website to a new domain. I’ve been kind of absent from life because of all the work to do it, but I’m happy to say it’s mostly done now. There are a few little bits that are still a problem; the programming seems to have picked up a slight flutter during the migration and I’m still trying to get my website host to do the right things to sort it all out, but it will get there. There are a couple of things for readers to note: Continue reading “New Digs! After Action Details”

Coming Soon: Fabric Bias

Fabric Bias

See the After the Move post for updates about RSS, Pinterest and Etsy here!

I’ve been thinking of changing my website name and URL for quite a while. Years even. As I said here, DreamWeaver’s Quilts isn’t exactly meaningful in any way at all. It’s just what I came up with back in 2001 when I decided I should have a website. When I started blogging in 2006, I just set up the blog in a subdirectory of DreamWeaver’s Quilts and started writing. At that time, the focus was predominantly quilting so it all made sense.

As the years went by, DWQ was constricting at times. Not that quilting wasn’t still the focus, but the feel of DWQ wasn’t quite right. It feels very formal and traditional, and while I can be that, I’m not always that so it’s not always a great fit. While I love the logo that a friend designed especially for me, I also like changing things up and there’s not much to do with it to give it a fresh look. I have mostly loved DWQ for a lot of years, but it’s time for a change. Continue reading “Coming Soon: Fabric Bias”