Shipping Quilts with USPS

These tips are provided to help those quilters who live at an overseas location and ship quilts through the US Postal Service ship their quilts easily and securely. If you are living in the United States, you can still use Registered Mail, as it might be cheaper than UPS or FedEx, just disregard any references to a customs form or return shipping to a relative.

  • Ship via USPS Priority Mail Registered Service
  • Value the quilt for its full value; it’s much cheaper than purchasing insurance for that amount for standard Priority Mail ($5000 quilt mailed for $22 instead of $60)
  • Decide on your quilt’s value (have it appraised!), then declare it on the registered form
  • Realize that without an appraisal, you won’t get full value if it is lost or damaged in the mail
  • Write “wallhanging” or “bedcover” or “fabric” or “bed linen” on customs form
  • Never declare “quilt;” prevent theft from the mail
  • The box is accounted for every step of the way when you use Registered Service
  • Each Postal worker that touches that box signs for it
  • Very quick service in my experience
  • Check with the show beforehand to make sure they will ship it back to you via registered mail to your APO address
  • It’s extra work for them, so try to be understanding
  • Put complete and explicit return shipment instructions in the box
  • Be aware that it may be easier to have it shipped to a relative in the States via the show’s chosen carrier, and reshipped to you via Registered Mail

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