About Me

The short version:

  • I’m Nadine.
  • I quilt.
  • I like Web design and development.
  • I read a lot (well, mostly it’s “as time allows” these days).
  • I don’t like to cook much.
  • I married to a great guy and we have two daughters, 20 and 25.
  • I’m having an ongoing love affair with a gorgeous, powerful, fun…2007 Mustang GT.
  • My first book, Inchie Quilts, was published in May, 2009.

In more detail:

My name is Nadine (Didi to family and very close friends) and I love to quilt. I bet you didn’t know that, right? Sometimes I fit my quilting into my life, but mostly I like it to be the other way around, fitting life in around the quilting. Sometimes, it’s too much other stuff and definitely not enough quilting, and as my husband will tell you, I get really twitchy when I don’t quilt enough. It’s as necessary as breathing for me, I think. I make quilts, talk about quilting, write about quilting, read about quilting, take pictures of quilts, and dream about quilting (really, I do, in color no less!).

Contrary to what you might think though, I do have other interests. There are just not enough hours in the day for everything I want to do. I enjoy reading (fantasy, a bit of sci-fi, modern or historical romance and fiction, some mysteries), music (pop, alternative, rock, some country, some new age, all of it really loud in my car or on my iPod), occasional movies, home decorating, other non-quilting types of crafting, techy, computer and Internet related stuff, Web design and development, and video gaming (I play World of Warcraft, FFXIV and sometimes stop in to play RIFT) among other things.

I don’t mind cooking since we all have to eat, but it’s not one of my passions, though it is a lot better now that I don’t have to do it in a one-butt kitchen to please two picky-eater kids. I’m down to one picky eater kid as GuitarGirl out on her own now, and we left the one-butt kitchen behind in Germany in 2011 thankfully. Living back in the United States after 17 years abroad has been an adjustment, and I do miss a lot of things one thing about Germany (that would be the Autobahn), but overall I can truthfully say “Good move.”

2007 Mustang GTI love to drive my car, and going out for a drive with just me, my music and my car can improve my mood immeasurably if it’s been that kind of a day. It was a lot more fun in Germany though; it’s just not all that on the highways here when you feel like you’re slogging through molasses uphill in January at 65 mph. I do still love it though. It puts a smile on my face and how can you stay in a bad mood if you’re smiling?

Back to the quilting (I usually can’t stay away long…). After Inchie Quilts was published in a whirlwind of 16-18 hour days for months on end and I experienced the hustle and bustle of the professional side of the industry, I had to take a little break. Can you say “burn out?” For the time being, I’m designing and creating whatever comes to mind, and sharing it here.

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