Hexies for Pillows by Nadine Ruggles

The Surprising Hexie

I’ve been bitten. It’s also contagious, I’m sure of it. I fear there’s no cure. It’s the dreaded hexie bug!

To be clear, it’s not that I’ve never heard of hexies. I knew about them long before this latest fad hit the quilting community. 25 years ago, a coworker was busy making a hexie quilt, and she was kind enough to share the method with me. In all the years since, every time English Paper Piecing has come up, I’ve thought to myself, “Eh, not really my thing.” Seems I may have been incorrect on that point. 😉 Read More

When life hands you scraps, make quilts…

Pfft—where did that come from anyway?

I’m not a “scraps” kind of gal, preferring to work with big chunks of fabric when I make quilts, instead of the little oddly shaped leftover bits and pieces filling up the many assorted containers all over my house. When I start a new project, I first go big stash hunting, pulling out at many yardage sized bundles as I can find to create the perfect palette for the idea in my head. When the Big Stash has produced it’s last hopeful candidate, I go to the Little Stash of fat quarters stored in tubs and the process begins all over again. If the palette is still lacking in sufficient variety of color or pattern or amount, I head to the local quilt shop, dragging whatever I’ve already chosen hoping to add to it from the vast selection usually on display there.

Whoever wrote [that] may have intended it as a metaphor of life, but it’s not my metaphor.

Then come the Google searches, and the email and phone calls to friends near and far, in an ever widening and more desperate search for just the right fabrics to make the project successful, let alone make it sing. Way, way down on the list of possibilities are the boxes, bags, buckets, bins and baskets of scraps that bear silent testimony to the quilting projects of the last 18 plus years.

During (infrequent) moments of decluttering and purging unused “stuff” from the house and our lives, I consider taking these space hogging fabric bits straight to the local youth center or Girl Scout camp, secure in the knowledge that the leftovers would be put to good use. Perhaps it’s an unconscious, perverse desire to make a true scrap quilt someday, maybe it’s just a completely unreasonably fear that a fabric depression will soon envelop the entire quilting industry, or possibly when I open the containers to see what’s inside, I see the scattered bits of projects long past and just can’t bear to part with the last little bit of the perfect fabrics, but the bits and pieces of quilting fabrics always end up finding their way back to their secret locations in the house, there to remain forever crumpled. Read More

Library not working…

I discovered that the LibraryThing script widgets used to power The Library are not working properly due to a problem with the tags on the books at LibraryThing. I have an email in to LibraryThing, so hopefully it’ll be a short lived problem…

Done with the satin stitching, finally!

I finally finished up the satin stitching on The Misery Quilt around the medallions in the border! Woohoo! The borders are on, the corners are mitered, and I’m drawing quilting designs. :grin: Can’t wait to get to the quilting part!

Woohoo! The thread is finally here! (again)

I’m back on the embroidery machine today (well, in and around grocery shopping and the PX, and some work, too :sad:), since my thread order finally showed up yesterday! I was smart this time (hopefully) and ordered lots more for the next project too, so maybe I won’t have this problem so much…

I’m still here…

I haven’t dropped off the earth, I’ve just been busy being TaxiMom instead of QuiltingMom for the kids, and programming against deadlines for clients. I will be back, I promise…I have to quilt soon, since I’m starting to have withdrawals… :sad: Oh, and I had to order more rayon thread, again! sigh