The Problem with Precuts

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already seen a bit of grousing on this subject, but I have to elaborate further here. You see, I had this sort of half formed plan (I won’t say half-baked, since that implies that it’s done but unsuccessful; this plan was just in it’s infancy) for a show quilt incorporating scrappy batiks, Inchies and machine embroidery. Don’t ask me to tell you how that was going to turn out with all of those seemingly disparate elements because I hadn’t yet figured that out completely, but it’s a moot point now anyway as you’ll see despite the fact that the Bali Pops look so pretty:

While the plan was still forming though, I spent a lot of time searching around the Internet looking for the best price on Hoffman Bali Pops, and was really happy when a 20% off coupon from Fat Quarter Shop showed up in my inbox at just the right moment. Continue reading “The Problem with Precuts”

Another Bit About Quilting for Show

Here’s a timely quilt news bite that serves very well as an addendum to my last post, Quilting for Show—Just Do It! From the AQS Quilt News Blog:

Congratulations to Linda French, the Best of Show winner. This is the first contest that Linda has every entered. Just like playing the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t enter. I bet we see more quilts from this talented quilter in future AQS shows now that she knows that her work is that good!

YES! See, Linda’s very first entry into a quilt contest or show, and her quilt takes Best of Show! I’ll bet she’s walking on air right now. Entering your quilts into shows is one of the best ways to improve your quilting and take it to the next level, but you never know—your quilt just might win an award! Visit the AQS Quilt News Blog to see a picture of Linda with her winning quilt, and see more great pictures from the Knoxville show.

Congratulations to Linda and all the other winners and entrants at Knoxville!

Accessorize Me–with Inchies!

Whew! The show quilt is done, and two days early even! The deadline on this thing relates to the Houston show entry deadline which is May 19 (are you entering a quilt?), and I really wanted this quilt to go to the show this year. Not that I know it’s going to be there yet since it’s a juried show, and the quilt will have to make it though the jurying, but at least the entry will get there on time now!

Enough about the deadlines, what about the quilt? There have been little glimpses along the way , and here are a few sneak peeks that I didn’t show here (you only saw these if you follow on Twitter or Facebook!), but now I can show you the finished product! Continue reading “Accessorize Me–with Inchies!”

So Many Inchies, So Little Time

I’ve been working on Inchies for the Accessorize Me! show quilt (which will be going to the NQA Show in Columbus, Ohio in June*) over the last week or so. On Friday, I had this:

Thasa lotta Inchies waiting to be embellished! 120, to be exact, of the 240 that will be on the quilt when finished. And time is very short to get them done. Way shorter than I’d like. I hate it when I do this kind of thing to myself, but life gets in the way sometimes, and it happens whether I like it or not. So you see, I should not be sitting here typing, I should be in the other room embellishing!

Over the weekend, I embellished 45 Inchies, and they were all very green. Very green: Continue reading “So Many Inchies, So Little Time”

Coming Soon! Inchie Quilts

This was a great thing to wake up to this morning:

Inchie Quilts at

Even without the picture of the cover, it’s still a pretty awesome feeling to see your own book listed at! This caused quite a stir in our house on Saturday morning! The book is also listed at the AQS site, in the Upcoming Releases section and on it’s own page, and you can actually see a picture there as well as a short description. Continue reading “Coming Soon! Inchie Quilts”

The Gallery of Inchies

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve reactivated the posts and pictures that I had to hide away for a while last year. Also visible again is the Gallery: Elemental Changes Inchies. You can see some of the Inchies from the Elemental Changes: Color Play quilt. I say “some” because I actually didn’t photograph every single one toward the end, though I wish I had now. I think I was somewhat overcome by events as I was finishing up this quilt last year, and it just didn’t get done! There may be a few more pics buried in my hard drive that I’ll post in a day or two though.

If you search the archives by the Inchies tag you’ll also see all the posts about Inchies now, and you just might see some sneak peeks of material for The Book! 😉 Continue reading “The Gallery of Inchies”